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Health and Wellness Writing that Informs and Inspires

Hi, I'm Vic! I transform complex nutrition, health, and wellness subjects into engaging, reader-friendly content so you don't have to.

Vic Russak freelance nutrition writer for hire

    Let’s face it: crafting compelling content for the health and wellness industry is hard and time-consuming. You'd love to provide your readers with posts that offer informative and practical health advice (while also boosting your brand), but working with your clients and managing the business side of things has you stretched thin already. 

       With all the time and energy needed just to keep your professional gears turning on a daily basis, how can you find the time to write blog posts, articles, and email newsletters on top of all that?

That's where I come in.

     Passionately self-taught in food and nutrition science, I translate complex nutrition, health, and wellness topics into practical, reader-friendly content that builds business and boosts credibility.

     I use SEO (including keyword research), market and audience analysis, and copywriting techniques to create content that will reach your ideal readers and get them hooked. 

     When it comes to the health & wellness industry, reliable and well-researched content is what works to build industry authority, generate leads, and promote long-lasting client relationships. 


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Blog and Article


Engaging posts backed by solid research that match your business's voice and style, leaving your readers feeling informed and inspired.  


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Search Engine


Keyword research, trend analysis, and on-page optimization to make sure your site moves up in the search results and gets seen by the right audience.


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Lead Generation Writing

Want your readers to take action? I'll incorporate compelling audience-tailored copy to promote reader engagement and increase  click-through rates to boost business.

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